Toronto 2020

July 28 – Nov 28, 2015


Curator:                  Larry Wayne Richards
Assistant Curator:  Andrew MacMillan 
Jesse Colin Jackson,

                               Tom Arban 

Over the past decade, Toronto's urban form has changed radically. Hundreds of residential towers have been constructed and hundreds more are underway. As well, a new wave of super-tall towers is transforming the skyline. Are these Toronto's glory days? Or, as some building scientists maintain, are we building too fast, too cheaply, and missing opportunities for real innovation? Toronto 2020: Where Will We Live? asks these questions and creates a framework for discussion and action.

The exhibition is organized in five sections: The Periphery, Tower Living, Community Living, Affordable Living, and Smart Living. Drawings, photographs, and diagrams present a broad overview of Toronto's rapidly changing architecture and urbanism.

Finally the exhibition presents the question: Should Toronto have a housing exposition or annual housing festival? Should there be a dynamic place where citizens, developers, politicians, and designers can obtain information, explore innovative ideas, and participate collectively in the shaping of Toronto's housing options?