Karin Troiani

Karin Troiani recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Political Science and Peace and Conflict and Justice studies. She is planning to pursue a Master in Urban Planning as she discovered an interest for the use of land and the urban environment. She was born in Rome, Italy and moved to Toronto when she enrolled in her Bachelor Program. She speaks Russian, Italian and English fluently. She is currently working at Workshop as a retailer buyer, sourcing new interesting ad design driven products for the store.

Creative Designer

Amanda  Lew Kee 

Amanda  Lew Kee is a Chinese Canadian casual luxury designer inspired by the merge of her Asian culture and North American lifestyle. Working with mixed materials, she has designed products ranging from clothing to utilitarian homeware and fine jewelry, Lew Kee effortlessly fuses innovative design with elegance and sophistication. Lew Kee recieved her Bachelor of Design at Ryerson University where she was scoutted by the FDCC to show her collections, 5 seasons consecutively, at Toronto Fashion Week and later by "Gen Art to show as a Fresh Face for New York Fashion Week. Over Lew Kee's career her creative design and direction has been curated by companies such as HBO, MAC Cosmetics, Roots Canada, Thompson Hotel, East Room, and the Drake General Store. 

Ainura Nifdalieva 

Ainura is a Retail and Design Assistant at WORKshop. Graduating from Art Fundamentals at Seneca@York and Bachelor of Environmental Design Program at OCAD U improved her view of familiar concepts and trained her in becoming a creative thinker. She loves turning ideas into a reality. Her significant experience in the retail industry developed her interest in changing design trends and her ability to visualize concepts and explain them to others. Following the main principals of the modern design, Ainura appreciates simplicity in design where the complexity lies in its meaning.

Chao Gao

Chao Gao is a traditional trained industrial designer graduated from OCAD University. He is fascinated with form, material, light and sound. He is also very interested in how objects are made, assembled, joined, and packaged. He enjoys having conversations with people about crazy new ideas. At the same time, bring the ideas to life makes him even happier.

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