Palazzo Battistero Set is a revolutionary concept for an auteur souvenir. The dinner service becomes a decorative element to show. This Renaissance style palace disassembles into six cups, one milk jug, one sugar bowl, one tray and one biscuit jar with cover.

The Estetico Quotidiano Collection resembles the use and look of throw-away items usually made from plastic, paper, tin, wicker or other low cost materials. The philosophy is to transform these objects using better materials. Through a creative process moving away from the more familiar disposable products to more refined objects made from durable and better quality materials, Seletti offers an innovative solution for the aesthetic needs of our daily life as well as for the hospitality market.

Estetico Quotidiano Collection


The Era Glass and Porcelain Collection combines two refined materials into elegant pieces. Crafted from Borosilicate glass, these cups are thermal shock resistant, meaning any sudden temperature change will not cause it to break. Fine porcelain handles add charming elegance, while being dishwasher safe. Handle styles range from minimalist to baroque and they are sure to spark lively conversations over coffee or tea.