Full Circle

Nov 15, 2012 - May 11, 2013


Mathematical equation, cosmological realm, simple shape, symbol, metaphor, transitive verb – the circle can be all of these and more. WORKshop's exhibition takes the figure of speech "coming full circle" as its point of departure: a group of architects, artists, and designers visualize what the phrase means to them. Full Circle is therefore an amalgam of personal odysseys orbiting a convergent set of themes: location and relocation, polarities of East and West, historical and biological cycles, somewhere and nowhere, even re-cycling. Although singular in approach and tone, the individuals taking part all acknowledge a dimension of time and space beyond quotidian experience.


Curator:        Larry Wayne Richards
Participants: Four O Nine (Shanghai), An Te Liu (Toronto), Studio (n-1) Architects                               (Toronto), Bureau Spectacular (Chicago), LUBO (Toronto), Open United                        Studio (Tainan)